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3 Ways to Boost Hotel Occupancy

Your hotel occupancy rate determines the health of your business. If your occupancy rates are lower than usual, it’s time to take a look at which areas of your operation needs improvement.

With the industry rapidly changing due to the evolution of technology and the unprecedented times we’ve faced the past few years; it’s expected that hotel operators may need that extra push to keep up.

Here are 3 ways our experts at Source1 believe we can help improve your hotel occupancy:

boost occupancy

1. Promote Unique Food Offerings

Many different factors play a role in determining which hotel guests will book their next stay at and food is definitely one of the most important. Promoting unique food offerings is one way to boost your hotel occupancy.

Hotel guests are looking for convenience. Chances are, if they’re on a quick business trip, they don’t want to complicate things. Grabbing a bite on-site will make their experience that much better.

If the food being served at your hotel is mediocre, they’ll choose to stay elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to serve unique dishes to help boost both occupancy and profits.

Promote Food Offerings

As a Source1 member, you get exclusive savings on products that will help you create the perfect menu. Offering unique menu items doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. In fact, you can save money on ingredients from popular brands such as Tyson, Unilever, and Barilla.

Trust us when we say there are easier ways to accomplish an elevated guest experience.

Are you serving hash browns? We’ve got the perfect solution. Did you know that one-third of all U.S. hotels (35%) offer complimentary breakfast? One way to attract more guests is by using products from suppliers such as Michael Foods and Idahoan. I mean who doesn’t love shredded hash browns? Even better, as a Source1 member you can take advantage of discounted prices on their labor saving breakfast solutions.

If you’re serving breakfast, you’re probably frying up a LOT of eggs, sausage, and bacon—did we mention plant-based meats are trending these days? It’s no secret that menu items like these can be very expensive, especially these days.

Fortunately, we have solutions for that too! Choose from top brands like Hormel, Smithfield, Impossible, Beyond Meat, and Michael Foods for all your breakfast needs!

What’s breakfast without coffee? Guests love free coffee. If you’re serving up coffee that’s free, you better be saving on bulk purchases. Source1 partners with Smucker’s to give you bold premium coffee from Folgers 1850.

Your breakfast buffet isn’t the only area you can uplift. If your hotel isn’t offering LTO’s (limited time offers), it may be time to start. A signature dish or cocktail is a great way to drive guests in. There’s no better feeling than being remembered for something special you offered them on their last stay.

Is your buffet in need of an upgrade? We partner with top brands like Edward Don and Hubert to give you exclusive discounts and savings on solutions for commercial kitchen equipment and supplies.

Although the equipment you’re using isn’t the only factor in this equation. What food you’re serving plays a huge role in increasing hotel occupancy.

Not everyone wants to dine-in at your hotel restaurant. Sometimes people just need alone time. Room service is a huge aspect to many hotel stayers. If you offer top of the line room service with unique food offerings, you’re guaranteed repeat stays and guest loyalty.

As a hotel operator, you can check off all the boxes needed to provide exceptional room service when you join Source1. With solutions for in-room TV service from DirecTV to in-room dining and housekeeping equipment from HD Supply, American Hotel Register, and Edward Don, you can elevate your room-service at reduced costs to you.

At Source1, we’re here to make things easy for you. Increasing hotel occupancy is a piece of cake once you trust us to help you with solutions in providing unique food offerings and a remarkable experience for your guests.

2. Invest In the Right Linens

Comfort and appearance are just as important as serving good food. Your hotel needs to look and feel welcoming. Investing in the right linens will help you increase hotel occupancy. Source1 members get exclusive savings on elegant, top-quality linen solutions from suppliers like A1 American and Drapes4Show.

When your hotel looks presentable, your guests feel more inclined to book another stay. It’s the little things that make all the difference. From your window treatments and table linens to your duvets and bed skirts, Source1 handles all your linen needs to ensure your guests get an unforgettable hotel stay at an affordable cost to you.

invest in linens

3. Focus on Safety and Sanitation

We know you’ve heard it enough these past few years, but safety and sanitation should always be a top priority. A majority of hotel guests are extra cautious, especially now, when choosing a hotel to stay at.

81 percent of travelers are more comfortable staying at hotels now with enhanced protocols and standards implemented. Safety and sanitation are a major determining factor for most guests and chances are, they’ll pay more if it means they’re staying somewhere that takes that extra step to ensure a clean, safe environment for both their guests and staff.

safety and sanitation

When you’re actively cleaning and sanitizing many areas of your hotel operation, it’s important you’re saving money on the products you’re using every day. Source1 members can save on solutions for staff training, hand sanitizing dispensers, AEDs, tourniquets, eye-washing stations, and an array of First Aid solutions with Cintas.

Source1 members also get access to savings on a wide variety of sanitation solutions such as cleaning products, dispensers, wipes, and more through HD Supply, Edward Don, and Cintas.

Join Source1 Today to Improve Your Hotel Occupancy

Improving your hotel occupancy doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an ongoing process that you as the hotel operator need to stay consistent with. Making small changes to your hotel will make all the difference for your guests.

From the food you serve to the linens you use; guests pay attention to every small detail when choosing which hotel to make their next stay at.

If you want to build loyalty, increase hotel occupancy, and save money on all your operational needs, become a Source1 member today!