There’s Never Been Any Wing Like It.

Now you can offer a real bone-in experience without the bones.

While some wing-lovers remained content thinking bone-in provided more flavor and meat, Tyson® saw an opportunity to offer the best of both wings! Combining the rich flavor of chicken thighs with a proprietary wing, Tyson® NAE Fully Cooked Boneless Thigh Wings deliver the bone-in experience without the hassle of bones. Encased in a light, starch-coasted breading, every bite is crispy, meaty, and delicious.

Tyson® NAE Fully Cooked Boneless Thigh Wings offer a variety of beneficial features, including:

Made with Lightly Breaded Whole Muscle Boneless Thigh MeatTender, juicy and flavorful chicken thighs deliver the perfect wing experience with a crispy finish
Fully CookedQuick and easy to prepare in a convection oven, pizza oven, or fryer
Customizable and VersatileLightly seasoned and ready for your own unique flavors. Create multiple menu combinations from appetizers and sharables to sandwiches and entrées.
Less MessOffer a rich and meaty bite without the mess and waste of bone-in
Consistent Sizing & PricingGreat for offsetting the volatility of bone-in price and demand
Chicken Raised with No Antibiotics EverQuality chicken you can feel good about serving

A wing to satisfy all wing lovers.

Boneless wings are up 2. 6% year-over-year with 26% growth over 4 years.

Chicken thigh meat is on the rise.

Chicken thigh meat is increasing on menus, showing 60% growth over a 4-year period.

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