DirecTV Residential Experience HD Entertainment System

The DIRECTV Residential Experience provides the best interactive HD entertainment for a consistent in-room experience across the country.

Operations benefit with technology that’s easy, flexible, and compatible with most TVs and wiring. Guests benefit from the full residential lineup they’re use to getting at home with DIRECTV.

DirecTV Makes it Easy to Save

The DIRECTV Residential Experience provides a variety of benefits to help your property save:

– Technology that’s easy and compatible with most wiring schemes

– No Pro: Idiom TVs needed

– Simplified, antimicrobial remote

– 15-room minimum

– Access to over 100 HD channels

Plus, all offers include*:

– 2023 NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra cost*

– HBO + Cinemax package starting at $2.25 per room per month*

– Add Showtime as a 2nd premium for 99c per month*

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*Download product overview for more information