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Spice up Your Catering Profits

How profitable is your catering business? Some caterers experience a pretax profit of over 25%, while others are barely able to show a profit. The average pretax profit for caterers is between 7% and 8%. Having an accurate, up-to-date picture of how your catering company is performing financially is crucial.

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Casinos Use Food and Beverage to Sweeten the Pot

With new restaurants, more menu choices for in-room dining, high-end buffets, and new gaming table snacks casino operators must be smart about food and beverage purchasing. Many casino operators are opting to work with purchasing partners to help them lower food costs and generate additional revenue.

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The Secret Sauce of Menu Pricing

In the hospitality industry, whether you are running a hotel with food and beverage services or a managing full service restaurant or managing a catering company, pricing food is always the key to profits and it’s more important than ever before.

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Hospitality Management: A Giant Juggling Act

Our purchasing solutions will help you meet the needs of your diverse stakeholders. Your employees will do their jobs more efficiently and you will have help managing the financial expectations of senior management and, most importantly, it will help you provide exceptional guest experiences.

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Consistency: The Breakfast of Champions

If your guests remember having a hot breakfast at one of your hotels, they will expect the same if they stay at another in a different location. Guests want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when they stay at a specific hotel brand they will receive the same level of service and quality.

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The Importance of Uniforms in the Hospitality Industry

Here are Source1 Purchasing’s top 5 reasons why uniforms are important in the hospitality industry.

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Source1 Purchasing Helps Operators get the Best Value for their Money

Centralized purchasing offers more opportunities for businesses than decentralized. “There were a lot of independent operators who were buying different levels of quality” from a wide range of suppliers, he recalled. His goal was to establish standards and work with brands already familiar to consumers rather than those geared exclusively for business use.

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5 Questions with Scott Hoffmire

The commodity market for staples can always impact product costs and hotel operations. At Source1 we suggest alternatives and our volume leverage can maximize availability for our customers.

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Why to have a Chef on your Back Dock- Even Occasionally!

By rejecting products that don’t meet these (among many) standards, a chef sends a message to the supplier that can result in higher quality ingredients being delivered to their location.

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Five Ways PSOs Make Purchasing Easier

Brackins concurs. “Now, myself and company management can concentrate on other aspects of running our hotel operation, particularly ensuring improved quality and an elevated guest experience.”