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Easy Ways to Promote Health and Wellness at Your Hotel

If you are looking for easy ways to promote health and wellness at your hotel, then you should create a relaxing environment for your guests. Even guests who are traveling for business want a relaxing place to retreat to at the end of the day.

As health and wellness trends continue to grow in popularity, hotels are looking for more ways they can add value to their health-minded guests.

Here are some easy ways to promote wellness and healthy foods and beverages at your hotel.

help guests get moving

Many travelers see exercise rooms as one of the most attractive amenities a hotel can offer. This is especially true for guests visiting for an extended stay.

While many hotels do have an on-site exercise room, these areas often go neglected.

Make sure that your exercise facilities are always well-kept and that your equipment is in good working order.

If your hotel does not have the space for an exercise room, you can still help your guests stay active in other ways.

Consider publishing a map of safe walking or running routes around your hotel, or partner with a nearby fitness studio to offer guests access at a discount.

peaceful common areas

Many common areas, such as lounges and restaurants, are noisy by default.

However, sometimes, guests simply want a quiet place to sit down and decompress after a long day.

If possible, create quiet areas away from busy public spaces for guests to enjoy some peace and quiet.

These areas should include comfortable seating, warm lighting, and only soft music if any at all.

healthy dining options

By now, you likely know that more and more guests are demanding healthy food options.

Once you’ve improved the food and beverage at your hotel, add healthy choices to your menu and make sure that they are easy for guests to find.

Special menu items for guests with dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or nut allergies should be clearly marked on your menus.

food and beverage at your hotel

Today, guests are more particular about the ingredients in the products they consume, including toiletries.

When possible, avoid products with parabens and other ingredients that can be harmful to guests with skin sensitivities.

In addition, products that are environmentally friendly such as biodegradable soaps are quickly growing in popularity.

There are many eco-friendly products on the market that are just as affordable as their traditional counterparts. Ask your reputable supplier what type of options are available to you.

From eco-friendly toiletries to healthy foods, Source1 Purchasing can help you saving money on everything you need to promote health and wellness within your hotel. Contact us today for a free cost-savings analysis.