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3 Ways to Incorporate Fries Into Your Hotel Food Menu

Did you know? Fries are on the Rise! According to Lamb Weston, there have been double-digit increases in fry orders with popular main dishes in the last year.

With 77% of consumers saying their satisfaction with a restaurant’s fries impacts their satisfaction with the restaurant overall, it’s time to elevate your fries and increase your guests check size.

Since fries are one of the most popular and profitable menu items, your guests will be delighted to see your room service menu includes a one-of-a-kind plate of fries. From shoestring to crinkle cut and even waffle shapes, there are many versatile fries to create the perfect dish.

Here are three ways you can incorporate fries into your hotel food menu:

1. Loaded Fries

loaded fries

Nothing’s better than a pile of fries topped with loads of ingredients. Poutine, chili and cheese, brisket and barbeque sauce – the possibilities are endless. Fries are a great base for any craveable plate.  In Q4 of 2021, Technomic reported that top trending ingredients for loaded fries included cilantro (25%), queso fresco (11%), and chorizo (7%).  Returning guests might even choose to stay at your hotel versus another just because your fries can’t be found anywhere else.

2. Comfort Food Mashups

waffle fries

Burritos are a great place to add fries. Haven’t you ever heard of adding fries into that chicken shawarma? Hey, don’t knock it till you try it. Some people even like mixing their sweet with their salty by dipping their fries into a milk shake – hello Wendy’s frosty and fries anyone? Consumers love experimenting with their foods and adding fries to dishes they normally wouldn’t be served in. Fries are considered to be a comfort food so add them to other menu items to create the ultimate mashup. Layer your famous burger with them or add them to your breakfast skillet in place of hash browns. You can even slide a scoop of ice cream in between two waffle fries to make the ultimate mini ice cream sandwiches. Fries give you the flexibility to have fun with your menu and take your comfort food recipes to the next level.

3. Leverage Food Holiday’s for LTOs

fries lto

National food holidays are a big part of consumer culture. #HashtagHolidays can be powerful ways to promote your menu. Leverage trending foods and foodie holidays to create a signature LTO that is sure to build a buzz. With 3 out of 4 consumers saying they’ll tell a friend about an LTO they love, offering fries at your hotel bar can help attract new guests and boost your bottom line. Take advantage of days dedicated to foods such as National Barbecue Day, National French Fry Day, National Gyro Day, National Bacon Day, and even National Donut Day – who said you couldn’t experiment with sweet fries?!

There’s no debating that Americans love fries—rating them one of their favorites across generations. So if you don’t have fries on your menu, you’re missing out on extra profits.

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