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essentials program 3

Essentials Program

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Want to Reduce Your Food Cost

Want to Reduce Your Food Cost 3‑5%?

We at Source1 Purchasing created the Descending Dollar Food Report from your monthly distributor food purchases to provide a sound strategy to leverage your buying power to the max.


Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, we are highlighting our commitment to the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund by making a financial donation on behalf of our member customers, suppliers and partners. Sara Davie (CAO of Buyers Edge) is the Executive Director and Founder of the Fund, a non-profit organization that promotes the empowerment and enrichment of the lives of women and children in Africa. Go Fund works hand-in-hand with African-based grassroots organizations to simultaneously build their capacity to serve their own communities while launching sustainable development projects that will carry on their work for years and generations to come.



The Source1 Purchasing team in Lake Worth Beach, FL recently donated their old smart devices to the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund. Breathing new life into old phones, tablets and iPads usually doesn’t take a complex set of tools. In many cases, handsets can be reborn with the help of just a screwdriver and a toothbrush sprayed with alcohol to clean the contact heads.
























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Alliance video

The Largest GPO in the Hospitality Industry

Source1 Purchasing is growing, and we’re taking you with us. We’re joining forces with other leading Group Purchasing Organizations to form the Buyers Edge Platform.

corporate caterers

A Recipe for Success

Learn how Corporate Caterers creates upscale culinary focused menus, directly from Greg Halton, President & CEO of Corporate Caterers!


An Upscale Culinary Focused Menu

“Corporate Caterers is a franchising system that has been in business in 1997. We deliver catered presentations to our clients for breakfast and lunch.”

We Like to Say we Make Meetings Better

There are 26 franchisees in our system.  Corporate Caterers is on a very solid growth curve. Source1 Purchasing has been a very big part of our ability to continue to grow. When you’re operating a franchise brand like corporate caterers, you need to be able to extend opportunities across a vast system. Our franchisees are able to access Source1 Purchasing’s knowledge base. This makes their purchasing capabilities really advantageous, which is especially important for a network as far reaching as ours.

Modernize our Menu

For instance, one of the initiatives we’ve taken is to modernize our menu. Source1 Purchasing has been excellent at helping us find the appropriate supplies and materials and ingredients to be able to launch a more upscale culinary focused menu. We get a lot of input from our local chefs looking for certain ingredients. With Source1 Purchasing’s help and focus on upscale culinary focused menus, we’re always able to find them.

I am very excited about our future with Source1 Purchasing, and the future of course for Corporate Caterers!”

Corporate Caterers was founded by Dennis McGinley and Jim Gass in 1997.

The entire Corporate Caterers system is based on the importance of great food, appealing presentation and very reliable service.  This commitment has helped Corporate Caterers become a leader in the corporate market. We have set the bar high, creating and developing a branded office catering service that is extremely compatible with the high tech world of today.  Our catering system with its strong website and easy online ordering features has become partners with thousands of corporate clients across the country.  We have joined our client’s workforce and sales teams through technology enabling us to know how it works, thinks and communicates.